23. Phi Beta Delta: Life Membership

Joining Phi Beta Delta is a lifetime proposition. Unlike many societies, you are still a member if you don't pay your dues! And if later in life you find yourself near a chapter, all you have to do is to pay the current year's dues and you are again an active member. So you don't have to worry about paying twenty years of arrears!

That is different way of doing business from most things to which we belong. If we don't pay, we are out. And many associations require the payment of back dues before they will let someone be a current member. That of course makes sense in its own way.

However, Phi Beta Delta takes another approach. You were initiated. You made a promise. You made a commitment to the ideals of international understanding. So we take you at your word. In other words, you have a line of credit. You are trusted.

But reflect on the fact that the society does trust you. You stood up at a ceremony and accepted an honor. Now, what about that? Empty words? An honor taken lightly? One hopes not. Rather, you aren't pursued for dues because you are indeed a lifelong member, active or inactive. The hope and expectation is that you are a person of your word and that when you can help, you will help. Isn't it nice to have someone have confidence in you? Phi Beta Delta has confidence in you and that you joined with the serious intention of living up to the ideals of your initiation. So if someone asks, of course you are a member. Maybe not as active as you should be, but nevertheless a member -- for life.

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