26. Phi Beta Delta: Lagniappe

In Creole Louisiana, the word lagniappe means "a little something extra". When you are in a shop, the proprietor will put lagniappe in your bag, the equivalent of the baker's dozen of Victorian days. It's one of those wonderful customs of a state that is quite unique, and it sends one on the way with an extra bounce in the step. A small treat or bonus, a pleasant thank you and a way to show appreciation...

It's a concept we all need to put into our work. Giving that little something extra is what makes people special. The fact is that as an organization Phi Beta Delta is that something extra that makes a university special. Everyone is in favor of international friendship, but Phi Beta Delta does something about it. Having an active chapter is adding to the life of the campus, and enriching the daily routine -- the initiation, the pride in wearing the medallion, the satisfaction in supporting an international movement, the identification with a historic headquarters in Washington -- all of that is lagniappe.

Lots of us do our job. Some of us go beyond to do that extra which is at the center of success in life. Phi Beta Delta people are special and they understand that the baker's dozen, lagniappe, is part of what makes our society so distinctive. The medallion is the sign and token of someone who goes the extra mile. Call it giving the baker's dozen or lagniappe, it is a simple formula for success in life, and it is very much the philosophy of Phi Beta Delta.

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