30. Phi Beta Delta: Pigeons and Peacocks

Phi Beta Delta chapters are all different. Some meet three times a year, some meet monthly. Some have formal dinners. Some send out for pizza. What all of our chapters need is to have plans and learn to make them realities. There is an oriental saying that a pigeon today is better than a peacock tomorrow.

Many things are desirable. It would be great if a chapter could endow a scholarship. But every chapter can sponsor a prize. It would be great if a chapter could have famous speakers. But every chapter can have interesting speakers. Just remember that there are lots of simple good meeting ideas that don't cost. If you can afford it, do have a spectacular meeting. There are all sorts of desirable things that a chapter might do or could do, but the question is whether a chapter does something.

In sum, a chapter does need plans and ambitions but needs realizable ones, ones that can take life. In planning and advancing your chapter, just remember that pigeons today may be worth more to you than peacocks tomorrow. Also, pigeons are easier to feed!

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