31. Phi Beta Delta: In Fifty Years

Undoubtedly our planet in some condition or other will be here in fifty years, but whether society as we would like it will be here is an entirely different question. Societies like Phi Beta Delta do not exist in a world of their own making, but they can help make a world. The aspiration for a better world is inherent in Phi Beta Delta's emblems and rituals: the torch which reminds us of hope and leadership, the sun burst around the globe -- all visual indications of our ideals.

Phi Beta Delta members are enablers. They are people who look for ways, small and large, to enhance the international ethos of their campuses, to promote cultural exchange, to constantly remind their friends and colleagues that a better world will only happen if we do something rather than talk. Torches require fuel. The Phi Beta Delta torch is lit by the activities of its chapters. It burns brightest when a chapter is active.

In fifty years will the world be a tired, torn place or will the new technology have been used for creating a world where nature and humankind are not at war with each other, where children regardless of their nation have a chance, where humanitarian values have overcome exploitation? It is fine to light a torch, but even better to keep it burning brightly.

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