33. Phi Beta Delta: When?

If not now, when? Ask yourself if there is ever going to be a better moment to really grow your chapter. We all have vague ideas about learning another language, visiting a particular museum, and so on. These laudable but unrealized hopes are generally tombstones along life's road. So it is not just the chapter, but so many things that we have to ask whether there is ever going to be a better time.

The chapter depends on its members. Nobody else. If you aren't going to do something to make it a success, it is unlikely that someday, someway, somehow, somebody will get done. The decisions about how good a chapter to have is with you. And since Phi Beta Delta can bring so very much to your campus and to its students, not to go ahead is to neglect a most important resource.

Those who have had the joy of a really active chapter will tell you how much fun it can be, and how much good ensues. It is just about the most exciting activity you can imagine if it is done well. So stop for a moment right now and reflect -- if not now, when? When will your chapter be what is surely is capable of being, and what are you going to do about it.

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