38. Phi Beta Delta: Conversing with Imagination

Our society is an exercise in imagination. Our imaginations are sparked, or certainly should be, by the internationalism, which is so central to Phi Beta Delta. Probably nothing incites daydreams as instantly as a poster of the opera house in Sydney or of the Eiffel Tower. All of us are romantics when it comes to travel, especially members of Phi Beta Delta, are not intrigued by the prospect of a trip to some far off place.

Imagination is a conversation with ideas, and a life without imagination is not a life well lived. Goethe went so far as to say that a great scientist could not exist without imagination. Pascal said that it was imagination that creates beauty, and happiness. We hope that process is part of your chapter.

In developing your chapter, are you letting your imagination work? Are you bogged down in tired meetings or do you have some exciting projects in prospect? When people on campus think about Phi Beta Delta, do they reach with a yawn? Fortunately our honor society is about something that brings us into conversation with the exotic, the intriguing, the amazing. But only if we have the energy to take advantage of that chance.

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