39. Phi Beta Delta: Knowledge

Lord Beaconsfield remarked that to be truly conscious that you are ignorant was a great first step to knowledge. When we step forward and we are initiated into Phi Beta Delta, this is certainly not some sort of graduation from life. Nor is it some sort of certification that we know a lot about the world. Far from it. What it is assuredly is a sign that we are anxious to know more about the world.

To talk about all the cultures and nations, to think why some have risen and some have declined, to speak of the architecture and art of such a vast and varied globe... Well, that is surely what education at its best is about and that is really what Phi Beta Delta at its best is about.

All the knowledge though that we seek is only partial if we keep it to ourselves. It is making that knowledge available to others that really makes it our own, and enables us to go through life feeling we have worth. That first step when we are initiated into Phi Beta Delta is then the start of learning, and the start of sharing.

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