42. Phi Beta Delta: We are Deltas

Of course delta is the fourth letter of the Greek alphabet: But it is also the word we use to describe the network created by a mighty river. What a sight is the mouth of the Nile -- that historic delta of rich soil carried down stream for eons, fertile beyond belief and coveted by farmers for the bountiful crops which can be raised. Egypt in old times was called simply Delta.

Phi Beta Delta can be compared to a river and its delta. We roll along as an organization, gathering more and more strength, and when the river of our chapters' activity flows into the sea one can see all the grand results of this work. The alluvial product of a society like ours can well be compared to a delta.

There are delta brain waves, still little explained deep waves that underlie other brain activity. And there is a peculiar metal, delta, which is composed of copper, zinc, and iron. So delta has a number of meanings, but one more than others -- and so, since it is our last name, we might think now and again about the great Nile and its rich delta.

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