44. Phi Beta Delta: Our Worlds

Phi Beta Delta lives in three worlds -- past, present, and future. Our past is both long and short. As a Greek honor society we go back to the eighteenth century, and indeed even further back because Phi Beta Kappa was itself a shoot off the tree of fraternal societies that had their origins in the Middle Ages. Our separate identity as a movement dates back to the nineteen eighties.

Our present world includes chapters in several countries and our headquarters in Washington, with a variety of new activities developed because of that extremely strategic location. But we are not in just one place -- every day somewhere there is a Phi Beta Delta gathering.

Our future world depends on each one of us. Where do we propose to take Phi Beta Delta in the years ahead? We all feel that it has too few chapters for such a big field as internationalism, and that we should grow in size. That would give us resources so in the future we could do more good in the way of scholarships and fellowships, and be of more use to our colleges and universities. The future world of Phi Beta Delta is what we make of it.

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