6. Phi Beta Delta: Recognition

Recognition is a concept that we don't think about enough, and its basic to the idea of Phi Beta Delta. We are "recognizers". Of course we say "thank you" almost without reflecting on it. We should think more about this but we don't. A more formal recognition often goes by the boards. It's the old case of the path of good intentions. Someday. Somewhere. Somehow. We mean to give recognition to someone for accomplishments, but we never get around to it.

Phi Beta Delta offers colleges and universities an opportunity to take recognition from the back burner, to give it the significance that it deserves. A chapter is encouraged to single out individuals in the community who have gone the extra mile in promoting international understanding. Is there someone who for years has been a help but hasn't had that formal special thank you? This could be the local honorary consul of country, always wiling to assist with answering questions or expediating a visa. It could a librarian who works to building a school's collections in international fields. It could be a local museum curator who has gone to pains in trying to have exhibits that single out the multinational nature of the local scene.

Of course we also want to recognize students who help. They often go far beyond what their scholarship or work study requires of them. Every academic department and every service department of a university has such students. They not only have a keen interest in things international, but they demonstrate by work that they are willing to give of themselves.

Recognition in the academic equation is not only polite but essential, because we all hope that when the Phi Beta Delta medal is conferred, that those watching will "go and do likewise". Recognition is inspiration, and every campus that aspires to become international needs the recognition that having an active chapter of Phi Beta Delta gives to this vital part of the curriculum. Phi Beta Delta is not a luxury on a campus but a necessity.

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