International Research and Review

International Research and Review:

Journal of Phi Beta Delta Honor Society for International Scholars

ISSN: 2167-8669

The International Research and Review (IRR)

The IRR is the official journal of Phi Beta Delta, Honor Society for International Scholars. It is published on-line only on the Phi Beta Delta website. It is published in the Fall and Spring depending on the quantity and quality of the submissions. On the menu above, refer to the Aims and Scope for more detailed information about the publication. The Author Guidelines provides information to the authors about submission, format, and structure. On the website both Current and Past Issues are available.

The Proceedings of Phi Beta Delta

The Proceedings is published concurrently with the IRR. The purpose of the Proceedings is to:

  • Providing an outlet for member articles, ideas and activities related to international education.
  • Serving as a record of Conference, Webinar, and other presentations.
  • Serving as a record of issues, topics, and information about the Society.

Archived International Reviews (IR)

The initial journal of Phi Beta Delta was entitled the International Review (IR). It was published from 1990-2002. Its publication was suspended between 2003-2010 due to the increasingly high cost of publishing and distributing the bound copies of the journal to members. On the above menu you can find where the Society has created an archive of the issues of the International Review. Thus, in 2011, the journal was reestablished and renamed, International Research and Review and with a new ISBN.

Michael B. Smithee, Ed.D.
Director of Publications and
Editor, International Research and Review